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Healthy Foods should be a lifestyle and stress free, That is why we have taken the best of traditional home foods and packaged it in a way that allows you to conveniently and quickly prepare. From foods such as flours, soups, stews to snacks and personal care. Homefresh Foods and products we’ll help you create great meals in no time.

Our Story

Elssy Kess Co. Ltd Is a Ghana-based food processing company, with 35 product lines. 20% of our production is distributed to Ghana’s major outlets while 80% is exported to serve the African Diaspora in North America & Europe. We thrive for Organic whole foods.

Creating a possibility to eat well...


Homefresh Foods brings to the table High-quality organic indegenous African foods packaged handy and easy to prepare.  We pride ourselves in the the value chain  and excellent product range.

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