Our Brand, Homefresh foods was borne out of the desire to meet the increasing demand for easy to prepare, quality, convenient but traditional foods, by a growing middle income group in Ghana and Africans in the diaspora.

Our R&D team are always finding ways to show our commitment to our customers and our food.

Elssy Kess Company Limited

Elssy Kess Company limited was established and registered in 1998 in Ghana. With its humble beginnings  as a cottage industry supplying processed foods to convenience shops in the domestic market. It has today won the admiration of people both for developing and processing ready meals for both local and export markets.

Marketed under the brand name, “Home fresh,” “Simply fresh” the company processes local raw agricultural produce into a range of conveniently packaged food products and sold both locally and internationally. The products are currently household names in Europe, North America, Middle East, Africa, Australia and in Ghana. 

Managed and headquatered in Ghana, its recent alliance with foreign partners both at operational and consultancy level has positioned the company to compete favorably with the multinationals in food and beverage industry.

Elssy Kess is committed to quality products supported by our state of the art equipment and robust Research and Development platform.

The Products of Elssy Kess are certified by the Ghana Standard Authority, Foods and Drugs Authority Ghana and US Food and drug Administration.

Elssy Kess is a member of notable business associations like Association of Ghana Industries (AGI) Ghana –Netherland Business and culture council (GNBCC)


To Bring African flavors to the World


Our Vision is to Become the “Goya” of Africa

Corporate Goals

Expand Immediately (3X) to Satisfy Diaspora and Ghana Demand

Enter Nigeria with Major Retailers

Add Products Attractive to US and European Mainstream MarketsGrow 10-15X in 5 years

Become the Leading African Packaged Foods Supplier and Brand