We enable healthier and happier lives through indigenous African foods, distributed across the world. With passion for nutrition and homemade foods, we bring people tastier and healthier choices from breakfast to dinner and snacks.


Cereals and Poridges

We call it breakfast, enriched with nutritious vitamins and minerals that provide the nutrients needed for the body to develope . Our cereals range caters for infants as well as families.

Flour and Flour mixtures

 The range boasts a variety of products that makes a whole meal preparation. Packed with nutrition and energy, local flour made from grains and cereals sparks a great meal.


From  seasonings to nutritious and easy-to-prepare soya mince, homefresh culinary products include condiments as well as ingredients that can be added to any traditional meal to add unique aroma, colour and texture. The range boasts a variety of culinary products that are added during meal preparation or as additional flavour afterwards.