From Farmers to Retail chain outlets, Elssy Kess has embarked on a program of Value Chain optimization.  Farmers receive our long term production schedule and training.

As our production increases, greater number of Value chain partners will be required.  By engaging farmers and cooperatives. Our system will support small scale farmers increase yields, acquire expertise, and generally improve efficiency of their own output increasing our returns on investments.

Social Impact

Livelihood of Women and their Families

Majority of Management and employees are women.  EKCL takes care to screen, hire and train uneducated women and former street hawkers = 80% of staff. Shelter, scholarships for children and healthcare are also provided in addition to continued education support for workers. Expansion will significantly increase the welfare for this group.

Livelihood of Small Rural Farmers
Expansion will expand employment for more rural farm families in the region and provide fair prices and a ready market as well as transport for their goods
Sustainable Agriculture

Value Chain harmonization program provides training and resources to enable efficient, sustainable practices

Sustainable energy

Biomass-to-fuel and Solar systems reduce waste, enable cleaner and much more reliable on-site electricity production